Mery del Cerro considered who abused her when she was 11 years old


"At that moment, I felt responsible for being able to speak and tell people really. I mean, I'm a mother, I have a three-year-old daughter, and this happens. I'm happy to be in a television program and say that can express, "he began Experts of the wool.

The driver revealed who the perpetrators were: "It was not rape, it seemed very important to explain this. Yes, it was an abuse, it was processed. It was with two managers of two buildings where I lived. Where are you small and you do not know what you are doing. At that time, that director had a little son, I love children, I knew a woman, and played with a little boy. It was in this circumstance that she took me several times to the basement, which was dark, with a snack. With the pretext to go with the little one, he wants to look for something and support me"

On the consequences he suffered he went deeper: "It was something I deleted from my head. Since I do not know what happened to me after Thelma, I talked to Memos for 9 years, that I never met him tell me or some ex-boyfriend. Obviously, this sexual level has led to braking. Something came to me to tell him. Therefore, for two days when my body was really trembling and cold in my hands, I felt that this was not right. Yesterday, when I was dancing, I was not okay. It seemed to me how I said it was. "

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