Mery del Cerro admits she was sexually abused at the age of 11 years: "After 22 years I decided to say it here, my mother does not know this"


After Thelma Fardin dropped out to Juana Darthése, the participant was encouraged to say her terrible experience.

Mery del Cerro admits she was sexually abused at the age of 11 years

His performance in cha cha popu did not meet the expectations of the jury. But the pain she was following Mery del Cerro on the track Dance in 2018 That was not the result of this. This anxiety, which filled the heart of the participant, has been marked by fire for years. She shared her in the last gala with the audience.

"I will encourage you to talk about something he does not even know Facu MazzeiHe does not even know Carlita Lanzi. For me, there were two very difficult days for everything that happened at Thelma. I can not believe I'm talking about this on television, but I think I have to do it as a communicator. After what happened to Thelma, we started talking about the topic with Memet yesterday morning. Now I can tell, and my coach and dancer will understand why I was so declared, "he began after the previous Tuesday. Thelma Fardin publicly condemned for abuse and rape Juan Darthés when I was 16 years old

"I went to work and sent a message to Memu, and I told her that I wanted to tell her something after 9 years in common. Yesterday, after 22 years, I decided to tell Memu that I was at the age of 11 when I was sexually abused. She was abusive and crunched, and two people distintia. But it was not rape. And nobody knows, neither my mom nor father. Everyone is learning at the moment. I've been chatting a lot Meme (her boyfriend and her father's daughters) and I could not let go because there were two days when I could not stop thinking about it. This is very strong for me. Meme supported me and supported me, so he is here too. And she is the only person she has ever known, "she added, went into tears.

"Yesterday, after 22 years, I encouraged Memu to say that I was sexually abused at the age of 11. It was an abuse of both a grave and two different people, but there was no rape, my mother, not my father."

He then emphasized the importance of advertising these incorrect facts: "It seems to me that I am responsible for speaking with all the women who are on the other side who are mothers who have small children. And even though I was a girl who was repeated, it happened to me. And it can happen to any woman. It's time to say that this never happens again. "

In the middle of thrill of the jury, driver, dancers and everyone present, Florence Peña He took the word: "Mery, we are also here for you, and this is happening, which is so strong for all of us, it is that we feel that we can be encouraged to say things that we have not encouraged before, because we we felt together. No one will judge us, we have died to death, and we thank you very much for having many women who still do not dare to speak. This will help you cure yourself and all the women who watch you"

"It seems to me that I am responsible for speaking to all the women who are on the other hand that they have mothers to have small children, and even though I was the girl who was taken care of, it happened to me."

Finally, your partner – who was present and with whom you have his daughter MilaStar 3 years old was very proud of his wife: "Yesterday, when this happened, Mary told me:" I do not want to talk about it because my father or mother does not know this and I think I'll fuck my life. "After 22 years, it was inspired by this fear, in two very difficult days and yesterday evening we talked, cried and cried, I told him to get rid of it and leave it. I think he's very brave. I admire you and congratulate you", Meme is also closed, also broken in tears.


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