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Máximo's daughter turns to 15 and prepares himself as the successor to the Dutch throne

December 7, 2018

In 2013, when her parents Guillermo and Máxima became the kings of the Netherlands, Princess Amalia became the heir to the youngest throne of the European royal silence. When he reaches 18, he will become part of the National Council and will have his own task.

The Princess Amalia was born on 7 December 2003 in The Hague. Máxima lived a complicated pregnancy, because he suffered eclampsia in the last two months, so that He had to rest, because his life and his child were in danger. After her birth, Máxima proudly showed her first daughter, who confirmed: "She is the most beautiful girl in the world. Amalia is a charm, a very healthy child who cries only when hungry. Of course, when you want to eat, you want to eat a lot"

The eldest daughter of the kings is very familiar with her situation, since he was five years old when he became an heir in one of the thrones, whose members have a very positive view of the country and the world. But Guillermo and Máxima tried to keep her and her sisters a peaceful and sheltered childhood to the fullest extent possible. When Amalia meets 18 years old and reaches the age majority, she will join the State Council, she will have her own mission and her program of official actions.

The Casa Real de Orange celebrates its birthday with its portrait, which was filmed between traditional family crews, which was made on the Royal Feast, which is celebrated on April 27th. In this case, The selected photo shows Amalia, which presents with its characteristic long, slightly wavy hair and subtle touches of makeupblush on the face, the lips are slightly colored and appear to have gently scribbled eyes.

Amalia will continue with long tradition of matriarchy of the Netherlands, Since 1890, women have been operating for over a hundred years. In a hypothetical case, after which you have your brother, you can not overcome your first heir since 1983 women have the same rights to the throne as men in the Netherlands.

When it comes to the education of Dutch princes, three sisters go to school throughout the day, just like every other Dutch child. When they are in their house in Eikenhorst, at the De Horsten farm in Wassenaar, the girls speak mostly Dutch, although they speak Spanish very thanks to Queen Máximi. Princess has her own hobbies and extracurricular activities. Princesses Amalia likes hockey, judo, ballet, riding and violin. Princesses Alexia also likes ballet and horseback riding, as well as piano and hockey and tennis. Princess Ariane finally plays the piano and performs ballet, swimming and judo.

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