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Mauricio Macri welcomed Allied governors and asked for an election strategy related to the presidential election

I paid too much attention. For now, the electoral calendar of the provinces governed by the Cambiemos coalition continues in the analysis until the end of the summer.

President Mauricio Macri on a new holiday on a holiday with Governors Gerard Morales and Alfred Cornejo of Jujuy and Mendoza, and Mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreto, who reviewed the management issues and agreed. to speak "until March" about the electoral timetable in these districts, though "according to what is most appropriate in the national order"as they trust them Infobae parties familiar with the meeting.

This means Casa Rosada insists to connect the fate of provincial leaders with the fate of Macrie. The head of the cabinet, Marcos Peña, and deputy Elisa Carrió, along with lawmaker Maximiliano Ferrara, were part of the conversation that this Thursday was held at Exaltación de la Cruz.

The meeting took place in the house of the exclusive state of Cumelén, in the villa La Angostura, which the president hires from his family and rests from December 22.

Until he arrived at noon Morales, Cornejo and Rodriguez Larreta, accompanied by Diego Santilli, Deputy Chief of Defense and Minister of Defense Buenos Aires. The government of Buenos Aires remained in a holiday plan in this weekend tourist village. The others left the complex with a helicopter to the Bariloche airport, from where they returned to their districts.

In the previous hours, they knew from the presidential environment that they would be on top of the solid steps on the electoral calendar. "Almost everything will be solved", they said this medium.

I saw them Gerardo and Alfredo much more open. The spirit is to strengthen the national, to make a decision in the context of the changes, not within each province. From the people to the province, not the other way around, "one of the guests assured us: lunch – meat with salads and potatoes and a lot of coffee for the end – it was extensive.

"We talked about the main issues, not the candidates, we have time to decide"they were exhausted.

PRO and UCR are remained in a state of discussionin addition to what emerged from lunch, it shows good harmony, a step away from the sinus relationship maintained by macrrhism and radicalism since the beginning of Macrie's management.

"Nobody suggested divisions, it seems that the worst storm is happening."Although this does not mean that the sun is rising, "they said from the south of the country, there were two images of the summit under the control of President Dario Nieto.

This week Casa Rosada repeated that the verdict at the top of the PRO was targeted to unify the elections in the provinces governed by Cambiemos with citizens. This has already been resolved by Buenos Aires, approved by a new electoral law that allows Rodríguez Larreti to unify the election.

In the case of Mendoza, governor Cornejo is not re-elected. However, he tries to set up his Minister of Infrastructure, Martin Kerchner, for his successor over the demands of Omar de Marchi, Mayor Luján de Cuyo, whose candidacy can be deflated if the province joins a calendar with the country.

In Jujuy, the government is trying to move in the same direction.

The PRO made sure that it was known that most of the time was lunch this afternoonmanagement issuesof regional works, the execution of which is the responsibility of the national government. For example, Rodríguez Larreta highlighted the progress made by Paseo del Bajo, which should be opened by May this year, to be presented as one of his achievements during the Buenos Aires Campaign.

"The electoral issue was not at the heart of the meeting", he insisted on highlighting how to reduce the tone of the debate, although this Thursday on the first floor of Casa Rosada called the meeting "transcendent".

According to sources, the head of state also made an analysis of the economic situation: he pointed to the dollar's rate close to the lower lenght determined by the central bank. He said that the economy "started".

The governor of Buenos Aires, María Eugenía Vidal, who ended his holiday at the presidential residence in Chapadmalal at the end of the week, was best known for being absent at the meeting. Both in their surroundings and in government they lost their absence, who justified their rest on the Atlantic coast.

The president and the PRO board will be re-seen next Monday 21st in the two-week lunch game. They'll start there to decide what to do with the elections in Buenos Airesaround the table, where Peña, Fernando de Andreis, Humberto Schiavoni, Francisco Quintana, Rodríguez Larreta and Rogelio Frigerio will sit, Vidal and his head, Federico Salvai.

Salvai, on a holiday in La Angostura with his wife, Minister Carolina Stanley, met with Macrie in Cumelen on several occasions. The games fell. Stanley and Awada have a current relationship. Among the versions and exceeded.

Is this a possible debate on the elections in the province of Buenos Aires, which is in the coming weeks, I should begin to define PRO and it's still not convincing, it's one of the hits of the summer.

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