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Mauricio Macri travels to Córdoba and has dinner with Juan Schiaretti to strengthen his vote in the province – 23/07/2019


In order to achieve the widest possible difference in the landscape in order to regain the disappointment of the management, Mauricio Macri will draw in Cordoba Evening: on Wednesday, he will have dinner with Juan Schiaretti in the capitalthe appointment, which the President endorsed with the governor, who presented a short voice and declared that he did not take into account the national dispute.

"I'm in my province"The attempt of Macrik's seduction started 10 days ago in his first step in this campaign for the second district with the highest number of voters in the country:"Here was the change, here is the force that has spoken enough, this resistance against abuse. He also noted that his 19th visit to Córdoba was the President. He will now have an agenda in San Francisco and Rio Cuart next to the dinner with Schiaretti, and he will return there on August 7, before the first.

Juan Schiaretti with Albert Fernández at a meeting at the government office.

Juan Schiaretti with Albert Fernández at a meeting at the government office.

»Peronism in Córdoba does not support any presidential candidate, which Córdoba needs, are the national deputies who defend the province, "Schiaretti said when he tabled a brief term for a deputy with the aim keep at least one of the two benches which will be compromised in these elections. To achieve this goal, you will need to get about 10% of the votes. I even asked that it was also in the dark room short ballots for the president category, in order to facilitate combinations without the need for a reduction, even though the court rejected it. Together for the change, the county will pay special attention: in case of overlapping of the ballots, the prosecutors will fight to cancel only the repeated categories of deputies, and not the president.

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Macro was for a picture with Schiaretti – adopted in May with 55% of votes – and will try to show off dinner closer proximity as with the remaining candidates for Casa Rosada. Years ago, when the governor lived in Brazil and worked in Fiat and Macri, the first lady Juliana Awada and Alejandra Vigo, wife of Schiaretti, also participated in Sevel.

They already marked Casa Rosada contrast with "coldness" Cordoba's meetings with Albert Fernández and the formula of Robert Lavagne and Juan Manuel Urtubey: he received them in his office, dispersing photographs and words in a formal tone. At Schiaretti, they relativized that it was calling to Macri: they claimed that the invitation was started by the Presidency and that the President accepted it.

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Schiaretti was responsible for clarifying what he had given "freedom of action" the leaders of the Peronists. Carlos Caserio, the head of the provincial PJ and head of the national senators' bloc, pushes Alberto Fernández's candidacy. "On a personal level, the governor will not tell what is his voice, and I do not do this as a party president, but almost Peronism will work for double F. We want a different government, "Caserio told FM Milenium.

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Córdoba was crucial for Macra, not just in the 2015 vote, as it held more than 70%. Already in the general of that year, he took over that district the biggest difference in the whole country (53.22% vs. 19.26% by Daniel Scioli, over 700,000 votes), even over the city of Buenos Aires (50.61% to 24.09%). According to the figures of the pink house, the president began to remind and, after the fall, the election period about 40%, with an advantage of around 15 points over Albert Fernández.

At the beginning of July, Marcos Peña – Chief of General Staff – received Maria Negri – the first deputy candidate – Lauro Rodríguez Machado, leader of the campaign in the province – and gathered in Casa Rosadi about fifty district leaders. One of the goals was to close the government after the damage caused by the Internet between Negri and Ramón Mestre. "As my grandmother said: healthy, healthy frog tail", He asked Macrija to surpass him during a visit two weeks ago.

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