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Mauricio Macri managed to convince UCR governors to privilege Cambiemos national strategy – 01/11/2019

It stopped being a mystery of votes. Mauricio Macri wants governors of Jujuy and Mendoza, radicals Gerardo Morales in Alfredo Cornejo, unifiquen their provincial elections with citizens to vote on a re-election plan that is already under way.

However, during a promotional lunch, they were not explicitly told that on Friday they were in La Angostura, where the president moved holiday with administrative meetings and other elections.

Mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, and deputy leader, Diego SantilliThey were also part of the meeting. It was not casual: the city was the first district that approached the merger with the national vote.

The meeting in the exclusive neighborhood of Cumelén, where Macri has stayed since December 22, lasted more than three hours. It was a relaxed atmosphere, meat and salads. First lady Juliana Awada He also talked with visitors.

There are no dates, but guests – especially PROs – want to put aside the definitions as much as possible. "There is a consensus that the strategy that best favors the national scenario is defined", reflected one of the guests in what it seemed clear to be a hypothetical merger.

In the meantime, the radicals remained impregnated, but it should be noted that perhaps it is the best thing for them to change, and that the president must win before and in force in some districts in order to reduce a series of pioneering victories.

Casa Rosada does not hurry: they believe that the opposition is more obliged to show their cards and their choice of candidates. "You – at Corneille and Morales – are still very good in their provinces," he marked the field from macrismo.

The first part of the meeting focused on management issues. Each gave detailed details of the news in every county. Cornejo, who will not be able to compete; Larreta and Morales they know each others.

Macri has in the meantime referred to the economic situation and they were all welcomed as good news dollar the part of the band determined by the Central Bank would be perforated. "Mauricio explained that the economy is progressively adapting"they said. The government is impressed by the impact of the recovery of the Brazilian economy.

Radicals also did not highlight the proposals and criticisms they make. They want to interest rates it is reduced faster so that consumption is reactivated.

"The President explained – and we all agree – that the situation will improve little by little," said one of the participants. Radicals want to accelerate – as much as possible – economic recovery.

The Macean allies, like some references to the PRO political wing, see with good eyes the reduction in the reference rate for the heating of the economy. They believe that the opposition can become more competitive if the recession lasts longer than expected.

Radicals are excited about the possibility of María Eugenia Vidal unfold his election in the province. "It would be something very powerful", Clarín was overtaken by UCR leaders.

Executive Director of Buenosairean, who rests in Chapadmalal I would just begin to review this strategy by Monday with the remaining little PRO table at the meeting, which will be on the 21st of January in the Balcarce 412 macristine bark.

The right-hander of the governor, Federica Salvai, who also tolerates Cumelen with his wife, Minister of Social Development, Carolina Stanley, a friend of Awade, He played the pad with the president, but they did not talk about politics.

Morales was willing to share his vote with the President against his will from the beginning. Although they consider that in their environment they will retire 10 points – because of the bad image of the head of state in the north – they consider that the re-election of the governor It's not in danger.

Cornejo, on the other hand, complained about a special faculty the governor for the unification of the electoral calendar, which is governed by the law in Mendoza. The truth is that UCR leader for Cambiemos and Macra would win in Mendoza before October.

PRO intended to withdraw in support of Mayor Luján de Cuie, Omar De Marchi, Democratic parties, the first makrist ally in the cuyana province, which has already begun its candidacy.

Cornejo, who has no re-election to her Minister of Economy, Infrastructure and Energy, Martin Kerchner and mayor of capital Rodolfo Suárez. In the meantime, Julio Cobos flirts with De Marchi and does not exclude himself from competing alone.

Cornejo could go back to Chamber of Deputies he led the list in his district and it is negligible that, if so, and if Macri is re-elected, he plays a fundamental role in the lower house, as a parliamentary or interlocutory body.

In any case, the head of UCR wants more space for his people in the national cabinet. The highest, UCR is trying to hold a vice-president. In Casa Rosada do not exclude Cornea as Minister.

Finally, Macri and the Governors examined the political news of the districts that seek to draw the Peronism from Córdoba, Santa Fe and La Rioja.

The risk is that internal strife end the plot against the ruling coalition. They do not have too much hope for the victory in Neuquén in Balcarca 50 – The Pechi Quiroga will be the candidate – not even Río Negro, where PRO is Sergio Wisky. The president received both of them this week.

In the case of Cordoba, the main radical references are supported Mario Negri, despite his pretensions, is also so-religious Ramón Mestre.

"He is young and has time," they say about the mayor of the capital of Cordoba. At Casa Rosada he created a humorous humor that Héctor Baldassi "Seek" and conclude an agreement with Negri without consulting them. "We will do what is right for Cambiemos," they said about the candidate selection method.

In a meeting with UCR references, the government is committed to consolidating the changes when they end the debate on the strategy. Chief of the General Staff Marcos Peña, who, despite the radical demand, did not travel to La Angostura, met on Thursday Elisa Carrió

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