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Marie Kondo's followers are growing in the country and there are those who pay up to $ 8,000 to order their wardrobe / cabinet – 11/01/2019

Marie Kondo The world utters these two magic words. As if by forcefully calling them, this superhero of the order came to our door, able to leave the most chaotic house. He will not come because we have him far away. But with his books, a huge amount of YouTube tutorials and the new Netflix series, more and more Argentines are still home with their tips.

Who is this woman with an angelic face and nervous giggles that everyone is talking about? Born in Tokyo (Japan) 34 years ago, her real name is 麻 理 恵. It has created the entire company based on the "KonMari" method, which it ranked among the 100 most influential people on the planet according to the Time magazine list.

Basket cupboard and labels (Martín Bonetto).

Basket cupboard and labels (Martín Bonetto).

Now, his image the series ¡A ordenado con Marie Kondo! broke out, which began on January 1 at Netflix. In eight episodes she is seen to be bumping the door of American houses. When he enters, he kneels down to the ground and gets stuck. Then she teaches the family to put clothes on, move items and get rid of everything that's left with gratitude.

It was on social networks Trending Toping and "memes" are raining, with people in favor and against. The most critical one is called the "Nazis of Order" and wondering if rarity and health should now be added to regulation as a tough virtue. They also complain that Kondo says that they should not have more than 30 books. "Did you mention a maximum of 30 books on the nightstand, Marie Kondo?" Asked writer Juan Pablo Villalobos on Twitter. And, thousands of comments.

Paradoxically, it's an editorial event itself. Penguin Random House offers four books of this author in Argentina – the most famous one The magic of order– and his representatives said Clarin that the sales figures for the industry are quite extraordinary: in our country there are about 200 thousand copies.

Following his success, new advisers of everyday life appeared, helping people to organize themselves to solve the basic issues of home life. As Estefanía Fryd, who was the first official consultant of "Marie Kondo" in Argentina. He attended an official San Francisco seminar. "She lives there, so it's been a while, we met her husband and her daughters, it's impossible to talk to her because she does not speak English, but she has a lot of humor," she says.

"He told us how his start was to order his house for the first time to take eight bags, but he still felt that he was not perfectly orderly to throw things away from his family – which brought him many problems – and still he always thought that she had to throw a few things until one day she was so neurotic that she fainted and when she woke up, she realized that the plan worked poorly, that she did not have to think about what she wanted but what she wanted to keep, and from there, there is a choice to stay with what makes you happy, "continued Estefanía.

He started working with the title in his hand. "They call me because of the crisis of the 30s, the 40s, when they want to change something in their lives, because it's not like putting together our shirts, it's a lifestyle change that will make you spend time at home and likes it," says Fryd. " I'm always talking about the difference between sorting and organizing, doing it all the time, allocating a place to everyone, something we do once in a lifetime, "adds.

Guadalupe Ferreiro shows his wardrobe (Germán García Adrasti).

Guadalupe Ferreiro shows his wardrobe (Germán García Adrasti).

As in the series, the "argenta" guru goes to the house. Organization of the closet costs $ 4000. Kitchen, from $ 3000 to $ 3600. The whole children's room, about $ 5200. You must add baskets that are basic in the method. For example, you usually use $ 3000 for these containers in the cabinet. In the series, the number of queries received increased "very much". He says that "thanks to Netflix", from selling 6 to 10 containers per day in his online store.

Another local reference is Brenda Haines. It has a similar way to Kondo, but it is adapted to our country. "There are issues related to the cultural and special characteristics of every place, such as greeting a house or objects that are discarded, which is related to a Japanese society that is not preaching," he says.

Everything is in sight, folded and placed vertically (Martín Bonetto).

Everything is in sight, folded and placed vertically (Martín Bonetto).

Nor does it coincide with the extreme rejection of the Japanese. "If a person wants to have 2000 books in the house and has a library with enough space, we focus on sorting, the same with clothes," says Haines. And perfectly: "Our philosophy is not something to throw off to be happy, but you do not have to live full stuff just in case."

Haines receives about 10 consultations per day. Most people who work all day and do not have time to organize their home. In 2018 he created 120 organizations, from 2 to 3 per week. In addition, it sells about 700 containers in its online store and stands on a month. It costs $ 8,000 plus VAT for a day of 6 working hours. As far as movements are concerned, where they are unpacked and organized from the beginning, the fees are USD 9000 plus VAT per day.

Karina Fraenkel organized her wardrobe (Martín Bonetto).

Karina Fraenkel organized her wardrobe (Martín Bonetto).

"I wanted to make a nice arrangement"

"I made my closet and I wanted to make it better." This was the starting point for a resounding change in the house of Karina Fraenkel (46), a speech therapist. He hired an organizer who went to his house with another girl. First they emptied all the closet. The clothes were laid on the bed and on the floor. Then they were saved again. Karina learned to stack and position clothing. He put around 12 marked baskets: "MC" for short sleeves, "ML" for long sleeves. Shoes and shopping bags remained at the top. There were 8 hours of work.

He liked him so much that he continued through the kitchen. He pulled out what he thought he would no longer use. Then he emptied everything and arranged it nicely. He inserted one basket for closed food, the other for spices, and gave a separator, that the pots were not loose. In the bathroom, in the drawers, the space for spare parts for personal hygiene, the second for large and small towels, and a small pocket basket. Everything is highlighted. It was at the beginning of 2018 and, according to Karina, "it is maintained, not completely, but is preserved".

When she moved, Guadalupe Ferreiro hired the organizer (Germán García Adrasti).

When she moved, Guadalupe Ferreiro hired the organizer (Germán García Adrasti).

"The House took a magic turn"

The 38-year-old lawyer, Guadalupe Ferreiro, has taken the opportunity to optimize his new home. He hired a "guru" of order. They worked for three days, within six hours. They organized wardrobe, bathrooms, kitchen, room, books and personal items. Everything, with containers. "The shoes are in boxes, the kitchen is marked, the bottles are visible, the products are classified into laundry: ironing and washing clothes, everything has found its place," explains.

It ensures that the effort is worth it. "It's useful, it's been a pleasure for me." The house has taken on a magical turn, the space is optimized, visually, everything is within reach, delivers good energy, "he said. It emphasizes, above all, that this method helps in support. She has donated more than 30 sacks of things she no longer used – and was in good condition – different institutions.

Keys of the KonMari method

* The order involves the removal of things and deciding where to keep them. The exit must go first.

* The feeling of discarding and conserving is that you are happy. Remove all the things from the cabinet. Take each object with your hand, touch it and ask if it makes us happy.

* Organize by category, not by the end. If you have too many clothes, check it by subcategories (pants, shirts, suits).

* First, order clothing, then books, papers, various items and, finally, sentimental things and souvenirs.

* To order books, place them on the floor. Get rid of all unread books.

* Clothes must be folded and vertical at the height of the drawer. If there are shelves, use boxes for their organization.

* Do not spend for organizers: use shoe boxes. Save all items of the same type in one place.

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