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Maria Sharapova describes in detail the importance of health and well-being in her life

Maria Sharapova describes in detail the importance of health and well-being in her life

Since retiring from tennis last year, Maria Sharapova has been very active in the business field. He is now in the news for investment in wellness and technology company Therabody.

The initial prototype of Theragun was introduced in 2016 and was a big hit in sports circles. This is a tool invented by dr. Jason and with the help of vibrations releases deeper muscle tension.

The five-time Grand Slam champion explained in a recent interview with CNBC why she decided to invest in Therabody. Given that she has suffered many injuries in her career, the area of ​​well-being for her is not unexplored.

Maria Sharapova had a personal experience with Theragun

The 33-year-old Russian has dedicated two decades of her life to tennis. So you are aware of the impact of a recovery tool that can help you in the recovery process.

Sharapova revealed that a physical therapist gave her a teragun when she was active on a women’s tour. This way you gain first-hand experience of the product and understand its true value.

“I was very lucky to have a 24 × 7 physio that took care of my body. And in the weeks of the year when I didn’t have anyone with me, he would give me a teraguna, ”he said. In addition, when Maria Sharapova learned that the new product would benefit everyone, she immediately joined the team.

Sharapova continued: “As a retired actress, I realized that having someone with me all the time is not sustainable. Who is dr. Jason invented a tool that can be used by any individual in any home, I figured out what impact this has. “

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And because Sharapova was passionate about sports from an early age, she incorporated it all from experience. This made Therabody special for her. She said: “The space for health and well-being is one I know very well.

It was all about taking care of my body, making sure I recovered well, activating my body before the game and that’s why the opportunity with Therabody was so exciting. Sharapova also mentioned that she collaborated with dr.

Jason, the inventor who was supposed to build Therabody. “I love working back and forth and creating these pieces that will eventually land in people’s homes and on their bodies and help them,” Sharapova concluded.

In addition to Therabody, the Russian also has a candy line called Sugarpova. Over the years, fans were able to see her explore many business verticals with the same ease as she defended tennis courts around the world.

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