Márcico: "I have the enthusiasts of the river who turn this Libertadores towards the Boca because they do not descend"


The Superfinale is over, but it's still playing. Alberto Márcico, one of the idols of the history of Boca, He opened a controversy with spicy texts against the river.

"I have the enthusiasts of the river who say to me," I change this team to the Copa Libertadores because I do not descend. "" This was the most important game that River played in its history, in the court against Belgran. "recorded on the network.

And then he continued: "In three or four years they can play Copa Libertadores finals, and the story can change because the Bottle can quietly win, but Bottle could never go because it's the biggest because Never went downhill."


"I agree with Riquelme, we have defended badly, River did not play well, but when it succeeds, we can become the owner of the game."

"It's time to be calm, it's a moment when everyone in Boca is asked, we have to strive for the restoration and turning of the story next year."

"I like Heinze as coach of Bottle, he has a lot of experience in Europe and he can make a big contribution."


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