March for March 24: overcrowded market


Some want a day to come when forgetting over what has happened in the dictatorship, and all the links of solidarity with the relatives of the disappeared and the disappeared have been broken. It is clear that this day did not come. Hundreds of thousands of people walked under the slogan of memory and unity so that the time of the wolfs does not return. "We demonstrate against the enslavement created by the Maurice Macrie government every day: mass layoffs, planned misery, the surrender of the state to the vultures, the persecution of indigenous peoples, the persecution of militants, prisoners and political prisoners; the serious interference of the government in the judiciary, the regression in memory, the truth and justice , institutional violence, the suppression of social protests, the censorship of the press, the denial, "the human rights organizations listed in the final document. The Supreme Court also pointed to obstacles to progress in trials against humanity.

The mass of memory on the 43rd anniversary of the coup allowed all colors: from the red flags of the left, through a recital traditionally prepared by anarchists at Plaza Congreso to the glitter of the LGTBIQ + community that marched. with pride, black from the actors from the group of the End of the World wearing white masks to the multi-colored autochthonous peoples, to mention just a few. In the huge crowd that covered the avenues and streets of the Congress and Plaza de Mayo, there were whole families, many children's walkers and many (can not be stressed enough) as well as many green handkerchiefs. Social compositions were also very diverse, from the popular contribution of the large pillars of social movements, trade unions to the middle-class sectors, which often travel "freely" on March 24th.

Since 9 July, the Press Association (SIPREBA) has broadcast live public television and Télém public broadcasters. Former daughters and children of genocide passed by their flag and applauded the crowd. The slogan was reproduced in all its forms: small papers, flags, handkerchiefs, banners and even balloons floating above the crowd. He said: "They are 30 thousand."

The scenario had an infinite background of the black and white faces of the disappeared and disappeared and allowed only the cessation of the video of the Argentine Forensic Anthropology Group, which recently suffered the risk of under-funding from the national government. The songs were not very pleasant to President Macrie: they went to a more direct "out Macri" from the famous summer hit. When mentioned, CGT sang: "National strike".

They are 30 thousand

Leandro Teysseire

Grandma and mothers were on the stage around 16.30, many in wheelchairs, since they are over 90 years old. "The youth has accumulated," says journalist Nora Anchart, who is responsible for driving. "As relatives and survivors, we continue loudly: That's thirty thousand!", The reading of the Nahir Amohedo document began, from the mother on the Plaza de Mayo-Fundadora line. On the head there was a white handkerchief and green tied around the wrist. When he first mentioned Macri's government, the crowd rang. "Well, guys, let it go, we have to shoot it," he said according to the October elections.

"Here, too, it leads us to defend all the rights of women, lesbians, transvestites, and trans. (That is the most beautiful.) In our decades of democracy, a lot has been achieved by the struggle of people: this is a way, with memory and unity," said Amoheda.

"There are still about 300 men and women among us: among us are workers, parents, mothers, offices, neighbors, teachers and teachers of our sons and daughters, employees, professionals, families, we have been looking for them for more than four decades" recalled Plaza de Mayo, Estela Carlotto, president of the grandmother. "In 2018, we solved only one case. Speeches that promote forgetfulness and justify crimes against humanity do not create a favorable atmosphere for those who have not yet asked themselves about their identity, "he warned.


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