Marcelo Gallardo, happy: The river closed the first half of the year


Although yesterday in Punta del Este, Marcela Gallardo, Technical Director and Enzo Francescoli, preferred to play a secret and did not give more clues to the ticket market, the truth is that The river closed in the last hours after the arrival of the first reinforcement.

It's defense counsel Paul Diaz, who played in San Lorenzo and whose passage belongs to Al-Ahli from Saudi Arabia. Chilean, which can play the same as the first center marker and right-back, will arrive on a loan for 18 months with a fee of one million dollars.

The possibility of buying a football player that came out of Palestine and then worked in Colo Colo was set at $ 6 million (in case it is executed, the transfer money will be deducted).

Diaz, aged 24 and with the past in the Chilean national team, will come to the country during the weekend and the first days of the following week to undergo a medical examination and sign a contract.

The other negotiations carried out by the Reka are those led by Luis Diaz, the chief, who was intended to push out the departure of Pity Martinez to Atlanta United. De Nunez offered $ 5.6 million for 70 percent of record Colombia for 21 years and awaited the response of Junior de Barranquille.


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