Mar del Plata Airport has forgotten a bag of over 30 thousand dollars and can be recovered – 10. 10. 2012


Not a suspicious package, not a bomb, not a drug. The security police (PSA) has found a bag with more than 30 thousand dollars at the Astor Piazzolla airport in Mar del Plata and a few hours later, he was returned to the owners who gave up their losses.

The finding was carried out while PSA staff carried out a patrol at the airport terminal located north of the health resort. Two agents seized the purse and opened them in the terminal building.

To his surprise, they were inside three buys money worth $ 31,321 and a ticket for a banking operation "on behalf of the alleged owner of the amount, according to the police.

Some time later, this person appeared in this place: he said that dug in the bank and that he was at the airport with his mother to receive a friend.

The person said that her mother "kept the money in a small purse and was the one who noticed the lack", although she did not go beyond what she would use.

According to the prosecution and the verification of personal data, the employees of the preventive security unit returned the money.


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