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Manzanares wants to give more information Chronicle


He was arrested in Ezeiza, a former marriage officer since 2017 Kirchner, Víctor Manzanares, recently reached an agreement with the prosecutor Carlos Stornelli that as a reason for reprimanding the notebooks for the alleged payment of bribes to officials between Kirchner.

On the other hand, their lawyers provided the prosecutor investigating Hotesur S.A. Gerardo Pollicita, they intend to adopt the same legal number in the case that will soon pass to an oral hearing. Manzanares was detained in the Los Sauces case, which was already a judge, and on the previous Friday, the judge received a preventive detention in the case of volumes Claudio Bonadio.

In the latter case, he already agreed that he will repay, but the judge must approve it. These kybes have appeared in courts that Manzanares wants to declare as an accused colleague in the case when Kirchner is investigating maneuvers of washing in a case called Hotesur.

The accountant would therefore be able to obtain relief at a trial that will (soon) be an oral court in Los Sauces, in which they investigated the maneuvers of washing in real estate companies. In this case, the accountant in custody from 2017 was accused of obstructing the actions of the courts after the conversion of the rent, which had to go to the court account.

In the meantime, Judge Bonadio was prosecuted for the case of volumes and his connection with maneuvers last Friday to spend more than $ 70 million from the previous late presidential secretary. Daniel Muñoz. His statement in the notebooks on the case is still reserved because the judge has not yet approved his repatriation position, although it turned out that he had provided details of the transactions that were carried out for the laundering of millions of dollars.

His statement in the case is still reserved because the judge did not approve of his repentance

If the agreement was concluded in the Hotesur case, this would be the first accused collaborator to achieve if Manzanares was also involved in the former president and her children, Most in Florence According to sources, the agreement would be possible if Manzanares would provide or deepen information that so far is not known about certain companies on the money laundering plot and the fate that was given to the funds.

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