Thursday , August 5 2021

Manchester United goals and scores

The Manchester United from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer It's a machine. On Saturday, he returned to add a new win, eighth in the latest new games, and joined the fourth place in the table on account of what he does tomorrow when visiting Etihad in the stadium where the "blues" awaits. Manchester City with a knife full of teeth in a full-fledged title for Liverpool.

French Paul Pogba, author of the double and Martial, which fulfilled the goals of the Manchu team. "The Red Devil" is all right. And the fact that Craven Cottage had a hard time in the first few minutes. Vietto and Mitrovic managed to overtake Fulham after a few whirlwind first minutes of the whites, but they exclaimed and aroused the beast.

I was Pogba who put things in their place. The Frenchman did this at the gaming site in the house. From the exit Jos Mourinho you can step into the area and your team is grateful. On this occasion, I took a filtered passage from Martial to shoot Rica in the first place. Just eight minutes later came the United goal, Martial's work in an antolggical ride from the left ended the climax with a remote shot with the inside of the foot.

At that time, there was a team Solskjaer He has already become a master and master of the match that a Norwegian coach killed, who lives with another youth. From here to the end of the first half, United succeeded but failed to create clear scoring opportunities and he will not do this when he crossed the wardrobe when the Red Devil assumed the opportunity to think about the upcoming race expected next Tuesday . against PSG at Old Tafford.

But Pogba He was charged with the fact that Fulham got after finishing the penalty that was made by Mata, who served Manchester, and Solskjaer reconciled with some of his important players. Champions League. Babel, before he went to the bank, hit the ball in a stick that remained in a joke.

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