"Magallanes Survive", a joke giving a green light for the purchase of a laboratory – March 23, 2019


One of the first details that Alejandro Manzanares told Justice was how to help his friend, former secretary Kirchner Daniel Muñoz, invest some of his wealth abroad. He assured them that he had gone to Miami to buy three apartments the most faithful servant K, which were not subject to judicial review.

He also told a scene that shows the way Munoz used his wealth after the testimony of other saints, who also reprimanded Cuadernos, admitted that he was not his.

Manzanares described to authorities authorities documentation that, while traveling along the United States, next to the well-known figure of Muñoza, Carlos Temísclotes Cortez, a sudden project that they had to buy a laboratory in Argentina. At that moment they called a friend and an investment partner to tell him the plan.

Muñoz said yes. Manzanares said that he explained why it was appropriate to enter this category: the holding company of the loyal secretary has already acquired a traditional Rio Gallegos pharmacy, which has been transformed into a chain that today has 22 shops in the various provinces of Patagonia.

When passengers in the United States insisted on Muñoz to play and consume tens of millions of dollars in this lab, He answered them with a phrase that made three laughss, and this even brings a smile to "Polo". Secretary K said he had approved a new investment: "Magallanes endures". This is a sentence that can be codified only by those who lived decades ago in Santa Cruz. "Magallanes Aguant" was slogan the advertising of clothing that was repeated at local radio stations.

The operation could not have been closed at all.

But Muñoz bought, after Manzanares, companies of several markets, as a distiller, about which he has no details: only the confirmation of his already deceased friend to buy a chemical company. He also became acquainted with several houses in Buenos Aires and the federal capital, garages and other companies, such as the oil company, which also acquired a holding company that formed Muñoz with Cortez, and other front men, of which Manzanares slowly marginalized.

Before he died, Muñoz asked his friend Polo for forgiveness because he would find out about "things you do not know".

According to the court account of the accountant, Muñoz's store began its agony when publishing "Panama Documents", documents of offshore companies, which were soon found to be included as owners, among many other power figures of several countries. to the planet, Secretary Kirchners.

Manzanares told the Justice Department that Cristina Kirchner himself invited him to face face to face with what he knew about the international business of Muñoza. "Polo" always told him in his version that he found out about the offshore filtering news, because Muñoz told him earlier that his business network was public and had access to journalism.

Manzanares spends days in prison today, reiterates that he has to pay for what he has done, longing for a reunion with his family, who lives in Río Gallegos.

And it ensures that it will always grateful those who are helping him today when they bring food to Marcos Paz prison; De Vido, especially the wife of former Minister Alessandra Minnicelli.

Manzanares told them that he would regret the "Cuadernos" case. No offense. Only love, which developed in the flowering of power and strengthened in the sorrows that occur when the prison experience is common.


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