"Macri, Weretilneck and Pichetto follow"


"We did not change anything because we never wanted to cheat or do any unlawfulness," said FVP governor Martín Soria when "Río Negro" consulted him about the impact of the decision of the Supreme Court, which prevented the new installation of Alberto Weretilneck .

He reiterated his political deadline the counterpart of Maurice Macrie and Governor Weretilneck, and added it to National Senator Miguel Pichett, a reference to non-Kirchner's peronism.

Anyway, Mayor Roca Avoids the definition of supporting Cristina Fernández de Kirchner's presidential candidacy because he added the name of other candidates Robert Lavagne and Sergia Massa.

"For those who have radically changed the campaign, it is for them. The province has squeezed its face. This will be very confusing to voters, those who will vote for it and you do not see W in the dark room"He analyzed it."

He did not want to comment on his new rival, Arabella Carreras, candidate for governor Juntos Somos, Río Negro, although they once formed the Front for a victory that led his father Karlos to the governorship.

"What was exposed was." who are ahead of us: Macri and all his partners, Weretilneck, Pichetto, and we will win Macri set us up front, "he said.

"Yesterday I said that on the spot (for Friday evening speech in Allen): Macri and his co-workers celebrate on April 7, or we celebrate all the people of Rio Negro".

K- Who must be a candidate for president of the nation, is it a unit with Cristina, with Lavagna? He devoted himself to him.

It is important that the unit – answered – then if Cristina-Lavagna, Lavagna-Cristina, Massa-Cristina, Cristina-Massa. This will greatly depend on what will happen in the PASO.

Q- Do you think there should be a STEP between them?

I do not think I should play Macri. Right-wing neo-liberal governments do not win favor with people's adherence but with the division of the opposition.

Soria planned to be in Jacobacci and last night today they settle in the Andean area and begin to perform various activities at the beginning of the week Designers in Bariloche and El Bolsóne.

It is very likely that, as it turned out, the end of the campaign, the first week of April, is in Viedma.


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