Luciano Castro told the reasons for his separation from Sabrina Rojas – 01/10/2019


A day later Sabrina Rojas (38) will confirm the separation from the one currently being spoken by the state, Luciano Castro (43) surprised the cameras Angels in the morning (El Trece, at 10.30) and far from avoiding the controversy that recognized the interruption with his now ex-wife and the mother of his youngest children, I hope so (5) and Faust (4)

The afternoon when the player was preparing to surf Mar del Plata, where she is on holiday with a model and her children, a chronicler of LAM Maite Peñoñori He went to him and explained first that he disagreed with his wife to publish the news of the divorce.

"I disagree, I'm not a politician"Then he said he would return to Buenos Aires when he" had to work, "and then he would return to La Feliz to be with his children.

"Sabrina is the largest in the world"he emphasized at the moment, while asking," that he would not make a drama about something that is already. ""It's simply easier than a complex. Yes, (confirm separation), however it's about peace and decompressionhe explained.

We we have much more than separation"We are not left with the word and the fact itself, it leaves us everything that we need to do to be better and develop," he analyzed in detail.

Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro fell in love and laughed in an old postcard. (Instagram)

Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro fell in love and laughed in an old postcard. (Instagram)

In addition, the heartbeat said that neither he nor his ex-wife want to "dramatize". "We were never media or interested. There are people who are interested in separation and exit to say this we do this because of our and the mental health of our children … After all, I have to talk to my wife to talk in the house, "he added with moderation.

When Maite remembered him as Sabrina said that he did not know whether this distance was diffi- cultive, Luciano explained to Kimi and quickly explained: "He often healed the separation, that he is better and repeatedly, is repeated many times, so nothing … we will not see that we are mature people, we love each other, we love each other"

As for the hack that the model claimed to have suffered weeks ago in its Instagram account, where they posted a strong message that Luciano was violent and a drug addict, the actor said: "I do not like, It's sucks … I've been working on this for 26 years and people know me, the media knows who I am, I do not need to be interpreted. "


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