Long waiting lines for vaccination


More than 100 people were waiting in Cemafe. They come from different provinces. All you need to know about the diseases and points of vaccination.

Because of the high demand for yellow fever vaccine, there are many vaccinations delays were recorded, with requests waiting for long lines. In the middle of this morning, Cemafe was flooded with people who were waiting to get the vaccine, and so they could go on vacation. The vast majority must travel to Brazil.

The yellow fever It is a viral disease that is transmitted through the bite of some mosquitoes. It can be serious and cause death. Although it does not have treatment, it can be prevented primarily by using a vaccine that is safe, accessible, highly effective and A single dose is sufficient to ensure lifelong protection. You should give it to those who will, for example, travel to Brazil.

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In the morning of this Wednesday, it was possible to observe a huge number of people waiting for vaccination in Cemafe, one of the vaccination sites. Many arrived in the early hours of the morning, while some came from different parts of the countryside. The first one arrived at four in the morning near the town near Rosary, but because there were not enough vaccines in the south, they had to travel to the provincial capital. "We spent three days looking for a health center where we could give a dose," they said.

Depending on what they have been told, Only 40 doses are available. Therefore, people who do not get these numbers and have to travel should wait the next day and another health center. Depending on the urgency of the situation, some choose to spend the night at the door of the place and thus provide a facility in advance.

Who should vaccinate

Dr. Patricia Klenzi, from the Cemafe Department of Nursing, stated this The vaccine was available throughout the year and is free of charge. While it should only be once in a lifetime, as the World Health Organization has solved since 2016.

For those who were vaccinated before 2016, the card is valid. If you do not have one, visit the place where you were vaccinated when you reviewed the registry. "If you can not find it, you have to vaccinate, if and when," he said. More than 60 pregnant women and women who are breast-feeding should not be vaccinated.

We consulted about tourist destinations that are attentive to this disease and have rejected this as a whole Brazil. The entire beach area in the Santa Catarina Department does not require tickets for vaccination. "It may be required in other tourist destinations in northern Brazil. If they are advised to use a lot of repellents, but not vaccinations because they do not need it, they have made a recommendation.

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