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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West celebrate five years of marriage: robbery, children and psychiatric problems

One is a television star and is a character on the music scene. Although you might think that glory and money would paint the relationship between them Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had to fight to break through the marriage during these five years, in which they suffered from a celebrity robbery to his health problems.

In the style of the fairy tale, On May 24, 2014, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West decided to marry in the castle in Florence.

Although they had been together a couple of years ago and had already had their daughter North, they decided to formalize their relationship with the wedding in the place where the girl was resting.

Kim and Kanye seemed destined to be a couple. For a long time, they were friends before the courts began. They worked in the same circle West was Kardashian after his separation from Chris Humphries.

According to Kim, in an interview, Kanye was met in 2002 or 2003 as she had a Brandy brand. Then he did not even know how to pronounce the Kardashian name.

"Before I married Chris Humphries, we talked a little bit, but our paths have been separated, I think I had to go through this wedding before I realized what I want," Kardašian said.

The wedding with Humphries lasted only 72 days, and Kim did not want to hurry to get a new romance, so she preferred to avoid the topic when she began to see her at some meetings with Kanye. But love could be more and in mid-2012 they confirmed their courtesy.

"As soon as we broke up when I felt very depressed, Kanye told me why I did not go to Paris with him to see his fashion show, so I listened to him, went with him and started walking there. I swear, that from the moment I landed in Paris, I fell in love with him, and I discovered that it is such a real life that you can laugh and love and have the support of others, and that's what remains. "

At the moment, the couple were waiting for their first child, as Kanye announced at the December 2012 concert. T In the following year, Sever became parents.

Proceed with the story of the fairytale, Kanye rented the AT & T Park stadium in San Francisco and asked for a wedding. While on the screens of the site read "Please marry me," the kneeling reper gave him a 15-carat engagement ring worth $ 4.5 million and everything happened on Kardashian's birthday, October 21, 2013.

As expected in numbers of its size, the link was luxurious. First time Designer Valentino offered lunch to him in Paris, and then he watched the party in the Versailles Palace in the hall.

From there they traveled straight to Florence, where Kim was carrying a a spectacular dress designed by Riccardo Tisci.

But since then things have not been easy for a wedding, whose total wealth is estimated at $ 355 million.

Kardashian explained that the drug for Kanyea is not possible because it caused changes in his behavior.

A group of thieves dressed in police officers appeared in the hotel where they were staying, and forwarded it to the guardian. Kim was then without his bodyguard, who accompanied his sister Kourtney.

When she asked for her life, Kim was locked in the bathroom, with her hand and legs. Among the stolen objects was her engagement ring. EThe total amount of robbery is estimated at $ 10 million.

Kim stopped wearing jewelry on her social networks and remained low for a while, though for someone who was accustomed to attention, it was not difficult to reintegrate into public life.

"I thought they were going to shoot me in the back, there was no way to escape, it's very much affecting me thinking about it," he said several months after the robbery and as part of the content of his reality show.

Kardashian was still in the family reality show and a couple of weeks ago the couple left see MET Gala.

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