Saturday , September 18 2021

Karina La Princesita confronted the boy with rumors of a crisis: “We started recently and now is the best time”

Karina The Little Princess he officially marked his courtship with Nico Furman at the end of 2020 and presented it publicly in its first appearance at Academy from ShowMatch, although rumors of the couple’s continuity have surfaced in recent days. On Academy preview (Monday through Friday at 7 p.m. City magazine), the singer denied that there was a crisis in the musician, and ensured that she was “calm” with him, and thought about his “nothing toxic” personality.

“Can I ask you a question? I know you will never lie to me because you are very frontal. Are you still walking or have you had a crisis?” He asked. Gabriel Fernandez Karini on a note for the cycle Lourdes sanchez Y. Lizardo ponce. “No, since we started recently and it’s the best moment. This caught my attention (your question), but I didn’t worry because I’m calm, just like all this time, ”she replied, explaining that the rumors stem from a message that Twitter in which he said he “needs a hug”.

“It was actually a joke, I fucked up. I’m not thinking of getting married, but I’m calm, all right, “added Karina La Princesita, thinking in a spicy phrase about Nico Furman’s personality.” She’s nothing toxic. I can be in my breasts here and she won’t tell me anything. ” the singer concluded.

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