Juan Guilera gave details of the conversation with Darthés: I'm desperate


"After Darthesh's call, I tried to communicate with Thelma, it's been ten years since we talked, and I put everything in my hands. It seemed to me that she and her lawyer had to know what had happened so I told them because I did not know if (Darthés) would use it or not once, " according to the influence of his statements on Thursday afternoon Guilera counts.

Additionally, the young player described the details of the call he received from Darthes, one day before the Thema was charged with rape: "He always called me with a nice toneHe was always a very kind man. First of all, I was surprised that it was not his number and the photograph was the sons. I asked him who he was, and asked me if he could call me. I thought he would give me a job proposal. "

And he continued: "he told me"I'm sorry to bother you, I'm trying hard because I learned tomorrow that Thelma will file a complaint against the rape" I did not understand anything that was going on, it was difficult. I asked him whether he was with her and told me not to. He asked me if I was still in touch with her and I said no, for ten years since we spoke, and if I remembered that at a certain point during the tour,chatting and telling me that he has fantasies with me ". No I said that and I can not remember what I said ten years ago. "Guilera provided the press.

"I do not know why I would tell her if Thelma is my ex girlfriend, why would she say something like that? It does not make sense"

And he pointed out, contrary to the idea of ​​Darthes: "I do not remember this speech, it never happened to me, nor did I tell it. I do not know why I would tell him if Thelma is my ex girlfriend, why would I say something like that? It does not make sense. "

"I was surprised that she named me because I'm not her boyfriend. I am not in the center of the situation, the important thing is Thelma and I want to make it clear that I am in your climate and call to support and The only good thing that can come out of all this shit is that I really think they'll think twice about these bastards twice and women will not be quiet. Do not shut up anymore. "

"I did not notice anything, nobody noticed, " said the actor who ended his romance with Thelma just before the tour to Nicaragua, so the relationship between the master was wrath and work: "Juan Darthés seemed the father of everyone, how can we be sure? For me, outrage, refusal and absolute rejection. I do not believe him. A normal person, if he lives something like this, does not keep him as an adult. If she were to search for her, she should have gone to talk to the producer and tell her or Thelmino's mother. In such a situation, when I am an adult, if a little progress is made, I would do so"

"He was sorry because he realized that I was cut off, because of the conversation he said to me"I'm desperate, my career is destroyed and I'm ruined ". And we cut, finished


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