Jorge Sampaoli decided to return the salary: what are the reasons


Argentine technical director Jorge Sampaoli has provided his salary so Brazilian Brazilian Santos cancels debt with his players without taking into account "It's logical to get a salary when others do not."

After the victory of Red Bull Brazil 2-0 for the first match of the quarter-finals of the São Paulo, Casildense explained why last week he decided to return a part of the salary coaching staff, until they fulfill their goals.

"We are part of the family, the working group. I do not see it logically to receive a salary if others are not yet. I would do the same if a cook did. It's not fair and it must be the same for everyone. If the club has problems, I understand it, but I do not want to be charged when others do not. I hope he will be rescued next week, "said Sampaoli.

Club Paulista is experiencing economic problems, and last week the management promised to pay the team yesterday, but money has not yet appeared. That's why Sampaoli decided last week to make part of the salary available to players to be able to charge.

Santos was well headed, who next week should defend as a visitor to survive the São Paulo tournament.


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