Jennifer Lopez shows the right picture in untreated photos


They spread the images of Jennifer Lopez in tight jeans and warned they were not "edited photos".

Jennifer Lopez With its followers, it is used with appearances on social networks that point to a worthy envy. But, according to some photographs, it's spreading … not everything that seems to be. There are not many opportunities in which photographers can naturally capture stars. Especially on public roads and without light.

"Bronx diva" is considered one of the most sexy beauty in the world of fun. And that's because he's 49 years old, He knows how to leave his followers almost without a breath. Her infarct photos, where she discovers her incredible image, turns her into envy millions.

However, it is not often that the mega star is naturally photographed on the street. Where retouches of designers disappear and reveal the "truths" of their figures.

This was the case of some recent photographs Jennifer Lopez. Recorded by some papparazis and distributed on Instagram. The published images, without editing, caused a lot of controversy in the networks and the criticism of some of their followers immediately became present.

Nothing glamor: Jennifer Lopez sweating, chewing gum and no makeup


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