"I've come to the fart": the unexpected damnation of Marley with Telefe


In addition to her great friend Susana Gimnez, Marley is one of the stars Telefe. After a successful year of work and personalities, with travels across the various countries, together with his son Mirko and many celebrities in the "Por el mundo", then with the reality that raged on the same canvas, "La carte argentina". The channel of balls was the most watched channel in 2018, and the competition of famous dancer Marcelo Tinelli (El Trece) was among the rivals.

Now, as one of the seal numbers, continue this 2019 bid on new programs that will impress the audience, start with "Minute to win", a form that was replicated in Argentina a few years ago, including Wiebe. I have now returned to work on this project, which seeks to involve people and with numerous awards, given the different skills and challenges presented to them.

But the relationship between the driver and the channel on which he worked for almost 20 years became a little tense after he publicly showed his disorder, although he humorously launched a "stick" over social networks. Although he was never involved in the scandal, this time, for his powerful words, his surprises surprised him, as an "insult" to Telefe.

The driver expressed his anger because when he went to Martnez to write Minute for a victory that returns to Viacom's station on Monday, January 14, he found that it would not be able to do so in due time due to the protocol. security

"I wake up eight in the morning to get ready for work, I'm letting my son crying because I'm leaving, coming to work and doing extortion, Genius, I came to the fart, LPMQLP," disparued Marley from his Twitter account. that the driver could start filming later.


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