It was their first holiday at Villa Gesell and they were stolen


A group of young people went to a dance at Villa Gesell, where they were on vacation for the first time and when they returned they all stole.

Leave just a holiday with friends should be one of the best experiences and most anticipated by many young people, but unfortunately the group of 13 boys ended up in the worst way after they came in to steal.

She had a group of friends rent a house in the villa Gesell. There were 13 in total. They all went to the dance together to the bowling alley "Pueblo Limite". After returning, they found out that they had deprived. They stole 100 thousand pesos and suits they brought.

There was no one else in the house on Avenida 13 and Calle 104, and the criminals took advantage of everything they had. They forced the bars of the window, entered and they took everything.

The tourist stopped the engine that stole his cell phone when he was on the bike

"It was the first night we spent there. We had only work and paddle. They took all the bags, suitcases and backpacks. The neighbor spoke with us, told us that around three o'clock, because the heat was blowing, he woke up and saw a man in the street who was looking at the house."It counts one of the victims."

Although the owner of the place returned them rent and some parents traveled to see their children and settled in the second complex, without any doubt the young people took the worst memories of what might be a wonderful experience as the first holiday with friends only.

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