It was an ichthyosaurus, a huge sea beast that lived 200 million years ago


A group of scientists managed to digitally reconstruct the appearance of ihtioazaur, a species of marine dinosaur that lived some 200 million years ago and belonged to the species of Euraside Sauropsides that inhabited the Earth.

It is known that the ihtiozaver measured about 85 feet, moved at a speed of 25 miles per hour and for 50 million years dominated the seas as the fastest and most effective predator.

According to the investigations it leads Nigel Larkin in Laura PorroThe ihtiozaver was a sea reptile with the appearance of fish and dolphins that died and her body ended at the bottom of the sea where Warwickshire, England, is now located.

The remains of this creature were found more than 60 years ago and, thanks to the technology and data collected in the series of computer tomography, they could digitally reconstruct the entire ichthyosaur lobes, the size of which was about 3 meters in length.

The degree of preservation of its remains is impeccable and contains bones that scientists rarely find.

With the renovation, researchers were able to obtain data that had not yet existed. For example, how were the internal bone channels in which the blood vessels and nerves were.

In addition, withHe knows that this creature was fed with fish, squid and probably with other sea animals of this kind.

In the past, studies of large skulls of sea reefs were performed for their reconstruction, but they were never perfect, which means a great achievement for science.


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