"It does not depend on me" Yanina Latorre harshly criticizes the glorious woman who will replace her on the radio!


She is one of the fastest in the world of entertainment, if she is looking for her, they find her. Yanina Latorre is one of the stars in Los Angeles this morning because he does not have the grace when it comes to throwing bombs on farndula and this time was no exception. Blonda criticizes the image of the footbridge and former Bailando participant 2018, which he replaced in the radio program "Polino autintico".

"Yes, it replaces me all January" were the words he used when he talked about a topic in a mobile phone in Punta del Este in LAM, and then it was for more and his substitute was a lapidar. It's about it Mara del Cerro, The model replaced Diet Latorra's wife and ngel de Brito took advantage of the situation and asked, "Do you like it?".

yanina latorre

She answered, "No, I do not think I'm on my own level, but I'm OK, I think it's love," she said, meditating and letting the jury open the Bailando program, which took advantage of the opportunity and created more controversy. : "Is it more to Granate (another columnist of the radio cycle)?", Indag ngel. "No, neither Amalia is politics," Latorre replied.

"You do not like anything, Mery del Cerro, I expected it to be a divine, good companion," De Brito said. "This is what people do not understand: I can like it and it looks divine, but it can not replace me," added the famous philanthropist. Later, an intensive return journey took place and another angelist panelist joined in, "What will it be?", Asks Karina Iavicoli. "He does not speak or think like me, he does not have information, he is afraid, he does not dare to criticize anyone or say what he thinks", explained the interviewee.

In order to close the case, the reporter for the party was violent and asked him directly: "Cinthia Fernndez replaces you at your height?" "Noooo, with all the love in the world, I am irreplaceable, I am the best, nobody is at my heights." (Andrea) Taboada, Iavicoli and (Mariana) Brey can be, Lourdes (Sanchez) I really like it, a lot has grown, but there is still no Yanina, "concluded Yanina Latorre.


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