Saturday , July 24 2021

"Internal" reinforcement Bottle that can solve many problems for Gustav Alfara

Gustavo Alfaro is one of those coaches who claim that teams are formed from behind. With a large hierarchy and alternatives in offensive he devoted himself to cultivating the last line of Boca after his arrival on the market.

So they came from his hand Kevin Mac Allister (right side), Lisandro López (central marker) and Junior Alonso (a center that can also play as a left back). The youth bet was also presented by Gastón Ávila (the last row). They lost Leonardo Jara, Lisandro Magallán and Lucas Olaza, as well as the coach xeneize day-to-day monitoring the development of another football player.

The lioness marks the crossing of the final stage of his recovery after he broke the cross-link of the left knee before the World Cup in Russia. The DT plan continues under certain conditions: The idea is that it is in optimal conditions for the first appearance of Copa Libertadores.

Despite being trained with the group during the pre-season, Alfaro surprised himself when he noticed that he had a few weeks left for official shooting. On Tuesday, March 5, Boca will visit Jorge Wilstermann in Bolivia and it is very likely that Fabra will have the opportunity.

The player, who will finish 28 February on 28 February, was included in the list of concentrates for tomorrow's commitment Belgrano in Córdoba. However, the starter will be in the duel of the reservation, which will take place at 9 am in the premises. Armando Pérez Pirate.

A hand-to-hand competition is going to be Emmanuel MasAlthough it is in line with the characteristics of the rival and the tournament, Alfaro can also adhere to the Paraguayan Alonso.


* "The idea is to get a little rhythm and the key is from the physical, from the demands of every sphere and friction, I have to continue preparing myself, the rest will come alone"

* "The knee responded well, there was a problem in the first three days before the season, but the quarter was already on par with my team"

* "I always want to be, but I took the time, it is not good to be hurrying and more with such a serious injury, my knee responded well and my thighs are developing well"

* "I'm thinking about knee and how to respond, but when they spend minutes, I forget about it and I'm aware of the situation in the game"

* "This will be the process of two or three matches with a reserve that will win in minutes and forms, so it can also be in the team"

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