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Intense Video Shows Sky Raining Spiders & # 39; in Brazil

Nature is full of surprising and sometimes horrible phenomena. For example: this clip of spiders that obviously falls from the sky.

These crawlers were shot at Minas Gerais in southern Brazil Parawixia bistriata, a rare "social" spider that works together to build huge and fine networks.

And contrary to how you might look, do not worry, they will not actually fall from above.

In fact, these harmless weavers are surrounded by a giant grid, which is almost invisible to the naked eye, as it hunts prey. At the end of the video you can see that they are moving online.

As may appear apocalyptic, this phenomenon is quite common in the area when the weather is hot and humid – there is a summer out there.

The video was shot by João Pedro Martinelli Fonseca, who traveled to the farm of his elderly parents in Espírito Santo do Dourado, about 250 km northeast of São Paulo when he was "amazed and scared" to see a lot of black spots on the sky, reports The Guardian.

His grandmother Jercina Martinelli told local paper Terra Do Mandu: "There were a lot more networks and spiders than you can see in the video. We saw this before, always in the dark when it was really hot."

Adalberto dos Santos, a professor of biology, specializing in arachnology at the Federal University of Minas Gerais, said Custodian it Parawixia bistriata In the evening, take part in building networks that can be up to 4 meters wide and 3 meters thick.

Early dawn swallowed a prey in the grid overnight – small insects and sometimes even small birds – before the day in the vegetation passes.

The good news is that these spiders are harmless to humans – they actually help us when we get rid of insects, such as mosquitoes and flies.

"They are using us a lot more than harming us," said dos Santos Custodian.

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