INDEC today announces inflation in November, which is supposed to be below 3%, according to private data


The consumer price index (CPI) for October showed an increase 5.4% when they accumulate 45.9% in the last twelve months due to a significant increase in rates, advances, and clothing and footwear.

According to the data of the Statistical Institute of Workers (IET), the cost of living of combined workers increased by 2.9% month in November, and in the last twelve months, it increased by 47.2%.

Inflation showed a slowdown compared to the rise in prices in recent months, when it was around 6%.

On the other hand, the Center for Economic Studies of Orlando Ferreres calculated that in November the inflation amounted to 2.5% per month. He pointed out that the items with the highest incidence were "Food and beverages together with different products" with adjustments of 2.5% and 5.8% respectively.

Despite the slowdown in the inflation trend, the year will end with a general price rise of between 45% and 50%, one of the highest rates in the world and comparable to what happened in 1991.


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