Incredible: a kiss killed a newborn


This creature is infected with the herpes virus. The infection caused irreparable damage within a few hours. That's why the girl was disconnected.

Doctors could not diagnose infections for four days, because the Kirian kidneys were closed, developed sepsis, and was placed in the induced coma. Finally, it was decided that it was a herpes, and that it is likely that the virus was contracted with a kiss, reports Daily Mail.

"The doctor told us that Kiara had contracted the virus when he kissed him. Never, even in the worst nightmares, I imagined kissing my child." Kelly Ineson The mother of the deceased child is a British for 30 years

"We urged doctors to do what they could, but it was useless. In fact, they told us that we would wait for her to die. I just fell out," recalls Ineson.

The parents had to decide to disconnect the machines so that Kiara would rest. The girl was the first daughter, although she was the fourth of her mother. "The whole family said goodbye, then left us to the end," the woman recalled.

From what happened, they decided to invite their parents to take care of the baby and not expose them to the herpes. In the United Kingdom, 1.65 infants per 100,000 births are affected by the newborn's herpes. While in adults it can cause ulcers and wounds, it can be fatal in infants, as in the first years of life the immune system is unresolved. Infection causes high mortality, significant morbidity and neurological consequences of survivors. "There are not enough data on herpes. Also, those who are being treated in medicine should be much better aware of and the harm it can cause," added Kiara's mother.

1.6 infants per 100,000 births are concluded

Herpes is highly contagious and there are two types: Type 1, which causes cold wounds, and type 2, which causes genital herpes and can be passed on to infants at birth.


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