In the province of Buenos Aires, they have extended the clock sales of alcoholic beverages


The Buenos Aires Chamber of Commerce has approved amendment to Law 11.825, which regulates the purchase of alcoholic beverages in the province of Buenos Aires. Initiation Extends sales hours to 23, between December and Easter, throughout the district.

"That's a a measure of common sense that benefits tourism activities, the comprehensive needs of thousands of shops in the province, ending with unnecessary regulations that just promoted the illegal market, "said Senator Mar del Plata Lucas Fiorini (Change), one of the promoters – together with his peer, Guillermo Castello – the projects presented in the legislative council.

The proposal was approved a few weeks ago by the parliamentary chamber and has now received the final sanction in the Senate Senate: will apply for the 2018/2019 season.

This measure was supported by the Governor MarĂ­a Eugenia Vidal, which has long ago expressed: "It seems reasonable to extend the schedule of alcohol sales"

Senator Fiorini drew attention to this definition and wrote after the session: "We follow the clear will of the governor to create the conditions for this summer as very good from a tourist and economic perspective ".

"We respect the commitment to move forward in the changes that take care of those who work from the private sector who are doing this, but have been is punished annually by the permanent regulations and invasive states that need to be reorganized, and here we did it, "concluded the Senator in Buenos Aires.


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