in the end, they could ban Battle Royale in China


Concerns about the content of video games in China are a matter of national importance. Following a meeting of the Online Ethical Review Board, which was held earlier this month, change panorama video games in this country, as some were under the microscope multiplayer games and they did not stay too unemployed.

The aim was to determine whether they promote negative values ​​or if they violate the social and ethical standards of the Asian giant. As you can imagine, they found "Irregularities"in more than half of the games they reviewed (11 out of 20) and asked for some points to be corrected, but there are 9 cases in which the analyzed games did not give a review, which in the latter case would mean a complete ban on these games in China.

"Overwatch", "Diablo", "League of Legends" or "World of Warcraft" they will have to pass the series corrections for their clothes (small clothes in women, basically) or for their misery problems, although it all points to the fact that these problems can be solved without being older.

The drama comes with 6 titles that were directly banned without the possibility of redundancy. Most have something in common and this is their friendly operation "battle of the kingdom " something very popular now in the West, but it does not seem to be appreciated by the one who set rules in the Eastern countries.

Some games are prohibited by their content Up, vulgar and violent they are Fortnite, Battleungeys gaming board (PUBG), H1Z1, palladine or elephant ring. We do not know if this means that these games are definitely banned or if something can be done, but it's no doubt a shocking and compelling news that companies do not like.


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