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Ibex 35, live: the Stock Exchange raises 1% of the bank's hand and reimburses 9,000 Markets


Some relief is heard in the markets supported by the EU countries for the pre-contract for Brexit. The first obstacle was ready and although there are many more, we are approaching the orderly exit from the United Kingdom of the European Club. After the recent falls and the calming scenario of Brexit, as well as in Italy, Ibex 35 resets: raises 1% and reimburses 9,000 points.

After the big losses last week, the bank is leading an increase. Santander progresses 1.6%, Sabadell adds 1.7% BBVA earn 1.2% and CaixaBank, 1.56%. Cie Automotive adds 1.4% e IAG progressing 1.3%.

The index thus strengthens 9,000 after dropping below 8,900 a few days ago. For Link Securities analysts, "this is feasible Negotiation hunters began to direct their attention to the values ​​that, after the sharp price drops, offer great potential for the growth of results, which in many cases is accompanied by a very solid balance sheet and much more attractive valuations than a few months ago. "

British Prime Minister Theresa May launched a campaign Monday to convince MEPs to vote for the Brexit agreement after the European weekend was approved. From now on, it is up to the British Parliament to approve the agreement or not. However, internal political divisions lead to the complexity of the final part of the divorce. The pound is very flat: up to 0.04% against the dollar to $ 1.2818.

On the Italian front, Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Northern League Mateo Salvini cited the possibility of changing the Italian budget rejected by Brussels. AdnKronos quoted Salvini as saying: "No one is designated [en el objetivo del 2,4%]If there is a budget that will grow the country, it can be 2.2% or 2.4%. "Italian premium for risk drops 15 points and is below 300, up to 296. The bond yield is reduced to 3.312% from the previous 3.449%. In Spain, the risk premium is reduced by three points to 128 points, with a bonus of 1,637%.

The eyes are now on 30 November and 1 December, when the G20 summit was held in Buenos Aires. In the framework of the international summit, bilateral meetings are expected to take place in parallel, with investors paying close attention to the one that will keep US President Donald Trump with Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping.

In the raw materials Brent oil revives some of the losses last week. The tube's rough forecast on Monday is about 2% and reimburses 60 dollars. Recent intergovernmental pressures stem from the expectations of greater supply and slowing demand, which could lead to over-demand in the market next year.

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