"I know that I can get to Boco with a national team" – 01/09/2019


The praise given by Dortmund to Balderi (12 euros) added that Magallán is no longer there, making Gustavo Alfaro the center. He searched and found: José Luis Palomino. However, Atalanta, who bought a 4-million-euro 29-year-old from Tucumán, does not want to know anything. Actually Boca has offered 5,000,000 euros, and before the refusal 7,000,000 euros! and there was no case as well.

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However, this is not the last word for the person Simeone received directly from the 5th Division, and he first appeared in San Lorenzo in 2009:He traveled to the agent to meet with Antonio Percassi, the president of the tano club, and he tried a healthy path for everyone. The idea of ​​playing in Xeneize naturally drives Palomino. "For what Boca represents around the world, this would be the biggest challenge in my career," said Palo-o Chueco.

Palomino and hand-to-hand combat with Icardi. "My gift is very good and also Atalanta: we are nearing the entrance to the cups," says Palo.

– Are you interested in such an important team, what is it that creates you?

First, because he went between the light and the shadow. So, if you're looking for a team like Boca, what this means is that the commitment is huge.

How is your offering in Atalanta?

– Both my present and present team is very good. We are very close to the goals that are international cups.

– Obviously, as everyone would want to make progress in your career, if so, is the Boca way?

For the player who went to the back door, returning and doing things in such a big club will surely be the way. I know that Bottle is approaching the state team and it's a longing for life. The American Cup is ahead of us, and my dream is to wear blue and white.

What can you give Boki? In what position do you feel most comfortable?

– I can contribute a commitment that means I wear a T-shirt. As far as my natural position is concerned, it was always the left center, but in my career I adjusted to what I was asked in San Lorenzo and Argentinos: I came to the left, later I continued to play in France and Bulgaria. centered with four lines, and in the last year and a half in Atalanti a stopper left with the three last ones. And recently, the libero plays with three lines.

– Do you have any reference to your position that you identified with Boca?

– My idol is Gringo Heinze, but I've got more Bottle in mind. Among them are Nico Burdisso and Walter Samuel, not only for what they achieved with Boca and the Argentine national team, but for everything they achieved at European level. I'm also lucky to have a technique, such as Gasperini, who led them, and who always gives an example. Obviously, it is a pride for me that one of them (Burdisso) is now looking at me.

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