"I hit it in two days" Special support …


As if she did not have brake brakes, Elisa Carrió revealed during a television interview that she had created "counterfeiters" that she was "counter-intelligence" and then described the president of Maurice Macrie as "younger brother" and said: Republican jealousy, who can not be in the state cabinet because "I do a coup in two days."

Carrió did not appear only as the sole protector of the executive, even against the alleged coup that Nicolás Caputo and Coti Nosiglia would attempt to give, but also identified himself as the "advocate of the notebooks", which she was permitted to recall. Although without identifying someone, "there is a government sector" that wants to separate prosecutor Carlos Stornelli from the file. "We need to investigate the government and ask the State Prosecutor of the country," he recalled in connection with the alleged letter sent to the interim lawyer Eduardo Casal. "It's not close to anyone to defend Stornelli," Carrio added, adding that "they want to separate him because businessmen want a lot of Baratto: reprimand, short trial, good and not go to jail," explained Carrió, that the former Kirchner official remains in custody.

"I do not defend Stornelli or his entire career, but the cause of the notebooks," said the deputy who warned that the case was not only charged with former President Cristina Kirchner, but also Roggio, Techint. .. They are all great Argentinian businessmen.

As for D & # 39; Alessi, Carrió acknowledged that he knew him and said that the nephew had been "a person of my friendship for many years", referring to the judge of the court who has been in the committees, Andrés D & # 39; ; Alessio. He then said that he had a meeting with a fake lawyer and had sent her to Pauli Oliveto. The deputy explained that the fake lawyer who appeared before her as an agent of the DEA did not believe anything, and then launched another theory: "The guy who sent me (Juan Ignacio) Bidone sent me and Aníbal Fernández" The head of the Civic Coalition referred to suspended prosecutor Bidon, who was charged with "concealing" in the case of triple crime by General Rodríguez, linking him to a former Chief of Staff who was never involved in a case-by-case case.

Lastly, the Member repeated his retirement and retirement policy and ensured that Argentina, despite the alliance won by Casa Rosada, "has everything to wait, especially hunger, which is a moral scandal".


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