Thursday , August 5 2021

"I feel that I have to raise a little child's sword …" was reflected by the famous host

Feminism has existed for decades, as early as 1900, writers such as Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir, or Alfonsine Storni already preached. But in recent years, she has been exposed to such exposures, thanks to the struggle of movements such as Me Too and actresses who began to talk and demand work without sexist violence. Val moved and many media began to talk about this issue and question.

Karina Mazzocco He's one of them. The famous host visited Cortá for Lozano, where she talked about the subject and revealed what kind of education she wants to give to her son Malek (12), the fruit of her love for Omar El Bach. "I want and feel that I have to raise a little less and more sensitive child, and we also have to educate girls with fewer princesses and stronger women," said Vero Lozano.

"That's why these new generations are recharged and otherwise split, and I like that." When I come with my nephews, I learn a lot from them. Surely there will not be a situation in your life, as we have survived, "they continue Mazzocco, a very encouraging contribution by young people and, in particular, the hope for change.

He then explained the differences between machismo and feminism, in words that some men confuse as equal, but within the spraying of every gender. "Feminism and mastism are different things; for a long time they seemed to me to be the same and not antagonistic, catism is a mystical culture, a culture whose daughter I am, and you too are women who are fighting for their rights," explained. driver.

"In two years, when I was Pura Vida, working on public television every day with a journalist specializing in gender, I really learned these differences. And I discovered myself as a feminist, "he added. "But I'm a flexible feminist. I like to hear compliments on the street when something is beautiful. There is also a new generation that does not accept it, "he admitted. Karina.

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