"I do not watch the horror", "this team does not deserve a team" and other phrases by Diego Armando Maradona


Diego Maradona's difficult analysis after losing Argentina to Venezuela in a friendly match in Madrid

As is often the case, Diego Armando Maradona he mentioned very heavy words in the present. t Argentinian teamthat he fell last Friday in front of Venezuela in a friendly dispute in Madrid. "Who was a dumb man who thought that Venezuela could beat? This is a team that's formed here They came out of the window, they betrayed and lied to people. ", shot "Ten" in a clear allusion to the Argentine Football League. "I do not know if he is a professor of mathematics or what is Tapia (president of AFA), but the truth is has no idea ", he filled up.

After the great victory of Dorados de Sinaloo against Juarez in order to enter the qualification zone until the end of the Ascent MX tournament, Maradona analyzed the performance of the Argentine national team, although he first assured: "I do not watch horror movies". When he lived in the "albiceleste" combination led by Lionel Scaloni, Diego was eloquent: "Argentina will not win such a game. This team does not deserve a national team shirt. They shared the prestige we gave him. "

Some of Diego Armando Maradona's most powerful strikes about Argentine national teams and AFA:

*"Argentina? I do not watch horror movies. Al Tata (Martino, DT from the Mexican national team) I saw him. It's a compact team, Daddy's team. I think that if they allow him to work, he will be able to give Mexico a great deal of satisfaction. Congratulations to you I had him as a teammate, I called him when he picked up the national team and now he does not care about me, but Whenever we talk and we will toast how he left Argentina..

* "How do these improperly regulate the selection? Did they think they would beat Venezuela? Who was a dumb man who thought Argentina would win him? Venezuela is a team that is formed and here they entered the window, they did not get through the door, because they released and because They're lying to him permanently people. So Argentina will not win the race. "

*"I'm sorry, because I feel very Argentine, but with the other team of technicians and players, I do not want to believe me differently. I know what they will think (Oscar) Ruggeri, (Sergio) Batista, (Ricardo) Giusti, (Nery) Pumpido in (Claudio) Caniggia, it this team does not deserve t-shirts ".

* "The ones I call them we did it for tattooing and gave life to the shirt, so that who comes I do not know if he is a professor of mathematics or what is Tapia (President of the AFA), however the truth is, it has no idea ".

*"I am sorry for the people in Argentina who still believe in these liars, I'm sorry for the players who have to go and put up their face when you should not. Obraz leaders should tell this and puts together the seedlings and starts again, in Do not give away the prestige that we once gave him.

* "The only one I save is Flaco Menotti (director of AFA national teams), but then he does not talk to me about the Argentine leader because he is not. They threw me 15 years of career and 15 years of selection. By giving prestige, like this, the truth that I do not like and I'm sad.


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