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"I can not afford to be a burden for the club" – 11/01/2019

After completing his last exercise with Banfield at the campsite, Luis Guillón, and farewell to his former colleagues, Cvitanich confirmed in his Twitter account that he is no longer a Drill player. In this way, the striker finished his second round in Banfield with 23 goals in 47 games and continued his career in Racing.

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But before the presentation at the Academy, Darío officially announced his decision. "Thank you for such echoes, lovers, those who know the club, the usual, I would like to say goodbye, but I will find the time to talk.", he wrote along with the letter.

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In addition, in addition to thanking people for the "love they have always given me," she was great. "I have to be honest with all of you. It was difficult for me to accept that what we signed at some point is impracticable, and I can not afford to be a burden for the club, nor do I want to go with any problem or otherwise ", he assured.

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Finally, he added: "I am leaving with certainty that I always acted in accordance with my beliefs and values, and with the reward that you can look all in the face. As my old man told me before leaving, one who does not hide nothing is not afraid of anything, so I try to live my life. I will miss them, but I will be there when they need me.

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Happy message from Cvitanich. @Daricvitaok

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