How to burn calories without doing anything?


You probably think that it's hard to burn fat without doing any kind of physical activity, simply eating at the right time and enough sleep, enough to prevent weight gain.

Can you rest calories?

The study showed that people at rest in the afternoon eat 10% more calories and come closer to the dark than in the first hours of the morning.

The expert confirmed that the same thing could have consumed more calories at a certain time than others.

According to researchers, this discovery strengthens the important role of the heartbeat in the metabolic domain, and it also explains the reasons why irregularities in sleep patterns and sleep patterns increase the likelihood that people will gain weight.

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In order to detect changes in metabolism throughout the day, researchers studied 7 people in a completely empty laboratory and without the knowledge of time there were no windows, phone or the Internet. Participants were provided with sleep and collection plans, and each night the schedule increased 4 hours later, representing three time zones every day for three weeks.

Because the inner clock of the participants did not follow the equivalence of spinning around the world, researchers could measure the degree of metabolism at all different biological moments of the day.

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