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how the American champions improved their performance


Menstruation is a little less taboo. Medical and physical experts kept a record of the periods of each of the footballers who were dedicated to the champions in the World Championship of France 2019.

Regeneration, July 13, 2019. Menstruation, taboo. But the acquisition of the United States Championship Football Woman France revealed it in 2019.

Campus players are part of a program that studies the effect of menstruation on their performance.

Experts from the team's medical team develop strategies to reduce the impact and increase the capacity of each player.

Angela Dawn Scott is part of the US National Team since 2010 and is specialized in physical activity.

She warned that menstruation, in view of the impact on sports performance, health and the risk of injuries, is invisible.

In 2016, he began to monitor the cycles of every football player and in 2018 he decided to strengthen the study by calling Dr. Georgie Bruinvels.

Theme taboo

Bruinwell has already worked on how to optimize the performance of athletes.

"In the past, players did not talk about their period with coaches and other staff members," said Bruinvels in an interview with the British newspaper. Telegraph.

The purpose of the study is to reduce the effect of the symptoms of the players at different stages of their menstrual cycles.

Their records clearly showed that during the premenstrual phase and accordingly during this period, the most unfavorable time for sports practice.

This is due to a hormonal fall that occurs at this time.

Strategy and better performance

However, Scott and Bruinvels have developed a strategy to reduce the negative impact of this biological issue.

This plan includes changes in nutrition, sleep habits, lifestyle and the burden of each player.

"There is no evidence that someone can work at the maximum at any given time, if you are proactive at every step," he said.

Education is key

He even mentioned that Rose Lavelle, the author of the second goal, was in that day's premenstrual phase and her period began a day later.

"Education is the key", repeat the program developers who strive to create a change of consciousness, especially among male coaches.

They also do not want to make this a solemn issue: during the World Cup, American players have been joking about their era.

They also commented on the stages in which everyone was at the moment and what caused them.

Factor weight

Although not decisive, they were Scott and Bruinvels It is considered that the program that follows the menstruation cycles of soccer players was an important factor.

They say that she helped in the consolation of actors at the direction of Jill Ellis in France in 2019.

"We want to end taboo on this issue, both on a professional level and among young people."

"They need to feel comfortable talking to them with their trainers," said Scott, who is looking for more teams to use these programs.

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