How do hackers work? | San Rafael newspaper


There are two types of hackers: hackers with a black hat and hackers with white hats. The work of the former is very different from the work of the latter. The black hats hackers do what they do to enter low-intensity computer systems, while white hackers hackers work to improve the security of businesses, develop an antivirus program, discover new attacks, and try to create tools to mitigate them.

What all these computer security experts have in common research work, full of curiosity and continuous learning.

Camilo Gutiérrez Amaya, Said the head of ESET LA, one of the world's leading IT security companies, explained the site in the context of the ESET computer security forum that exists three basic features that they take to identify new threats.

The first is to detect attacks usually found by company experts or reported by third parties. The second is a research that seeks to spread, how the attack works, which group of people is targeted, and final education in which they exchange information and inform users about how to protect themselves.

While techniques used by white hackers to investigate new viruses, malware, botnets, or any attack may vary, one of the most used is reverse engineering.

Reverse engineering – or reverse engineering in English – is the process of discovering the technological principles of an object, tool, device, or system. It is something that in this case is a virus to analyze in detail its operation in order to understand how it works and, finally, how to attack it in order to alleviate it.

When a researcher finds a new threat, he makes it all the information he has on the headquarters of the company in Slovakia, and from there they take part of this malicious code, so that the antivirus recognizes it if it comes across it and acts as a shield to protect the user safe.


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