He worked tirelessly until he learned the lesson of his life: "I was sleeping with a headache, I woke up blind and deaf"


They will soon be fulfilled 8 years old and Guido, unlike all options, is not completely blind. Look, although he sees 20% of his eyes, as if I could see life through the lock. What you can see in full, now that the time has passed, is what your life was like at that moment. What to say is before, during, and after, when He slept with a headache and nearly a month later he woke up blind and deaf.

Guido Fernández Cornide was 35 years old and was a television producer for some time in Telefé. At that time I was creating the return of "Sábado Bus", the Nicolás Repetta program, and the standard was the same as always: "Ya para ya".

"It was life without schedules, with the phone keeps an ear all daywho come and go from channel to house, from house to channel, have never closed their heads, "says Infobae. Two children also grew at home: Benicio, 3 years and Esmeralda, 4 months.

Although the audiovisual world was always passionate, passion hid the trap: after many years of this work he felt unhappy, disappointed, "I wanted growth, change"Where would he go? If he worked a lot, but in a recognized company, with a good salary, he was" comfortable ".

"I was disappointed, but sure, even though I was in the forefront of the fight." Those alleged comfort and security forced me to stay calm, stagnates"Go." Then I was looking for someone who would be guilty of mine dissatisfaction, but no one was guilty. I waited for an outward movement that would never have happened, because the problem was the decisions I did not accept. "

Three months before that night, his grandmother died, one of the most important people in his life. I also did not take the time to stop and mourn. I buried him and went back to work. I was very sad because I could not make a fight and I could not connect with what was happening to me, but I later realized it.

There is an image that represents this moment: "Did you see when you go to the car with your head on the window and see that everything happens fast and you can not focus on anything?

From the ear to the coma

On May 23, 2011 Guido woke up with his ear. He did not go to the guard, neither the day nor the next. Instead, he went to the recording from morning to evening. "It was terribly cold, the one who was my assistant, he said:" Go to your house, I will stay ", but I did not want to. In the end he came 3 months after I fell into a coma.

Only the holiday on May 25 went to the visitor. They told him that it was otitis and gave him antibiotics: "I went home and started taking them, but I continued with my phone in my hand, the next day was a clip. "

In the afternoon he began to feel a headache, "the worst that I had in my life." In the guards he was injected with a stronger analgesic and sent home again. That night Georgina, her partner for eight years, woke up from the beginning: her husband pulled out in bed, he was urinated, unconscious.

"The first hours were complete uncertainties," says the stories of others. They believed that ACV had the suspicion that he could have a defense because he had no defense. Despite what Guido fought, it was meningitis Pneumococcus bacteria.

Concerns increased with the first tomography: "the brains were so flammable that the reliefs were not visible: it looked like a balloon." The announcement was black: "Doctors left the treatment to watch each other in their shoes, they had to Tell my wife Maybe that night did not happen. "

In the days that followed, just when they were discussing whether to make a craniotomy for brain decompression, a change in medication it reduced the risk of death. But the intracranial pressure, which was sometimes preserved, added a species small brain infarcts, they threw fuel into the hole of uncertainty: nobody knew what series I could get him when he woke him up.

After I was 21 in induced coma, they started to wake him up. I returned to the darkness and in silence but I did not realize that I was blind and deaf. I was very confused with drugs and, as I felt they were giving wires and injections, I thought he was kidnapped. I convinced myself that they had me in the dark and silent as part of a torture unscrupulous. "

Now that Guido calls the "nightmare", it lasted seven days – the "week of torture" – and delirium involved his mother and wife: he spent all these days. They believe they are part of the gang of gangsters.

They lost in the corridors a crossroads. If Guido was only deaf, you could write to him so that he could communicate, and if he were just blind, you could talk to him. But Guido both senses were totally frustrated.

His wife, who is the designer of clothes and still breastfed her baby, came up with the idea to take the magnetic rubber letters on the clinic where children make up the words that stick in the refrigerator.

"If you would give them to me in my hand, I would feel and decipher first of all that letter, what kind of word it shaped and what kind of prayer." And so he told me very calmly that he had a meningitis and that he was in a coma. bucket of ice water but there was something positive After this week of torture: I realized they were taking care of me, nobody tried to kill me. From somewhere the positive reaction was an instinctive reaction, that was my fiber, which I did not know"

He was alive but the optical nerves were destroyed and doctors said this it was impossible to see him again. There was a bit more hope with the audition: with rubber letters, his wife explained what a snail's implant was.

Although it made sense to continue searching for answers in science, Guido began to experience a parallel process of healing. "Many told me:" It was very difficult to stay isolatedthat he can not see or hear the outside world. & # 39; And it's the truth It was hardest to see and hear"Entering the" no filters "phase helped him to connect in a much more" honest and transparent way "with his friends and family.

"At the worst moment, blind and deaf, I realized that I started treat old pain: things from my childhood, my family, my friends. I needed it treat from the inside outI could not pretend to be cured from the outside when I was indoctrinated in dark places, with poison and sorrow. Suddenly it seemed like a start from stones from my back that they are happening to me much more than my blindness and my deafness. I had the deepest and most important conversations of my life with my mother, with some ebony letters.

The second lesson that he learned is to live in the present, "because that disconnect today That's why I lost things I will never get. "Only then could I cry to my grandmother:" Treat pain, think about it, what we have shared, for what she has left me, forgive me for not being a day. It was very dizzy, but self-knowledge was so deep I would go through the same thing againI swear to you. "

When these two channels were canceled, they also helped to open others, "as it is intuition, who are always in bed because they are supported by the most obvious. We see someone and we instantly activate prejudices, hang his poster. I did not see anything, so I was only connected with what I felt. "

they were four months hospitalization but the feeling of good was more inclined to physical rehabilitation. Cochlear implants are placed in both ears. One did not work, but the other one. With the help of a deaf teacher, he was able to rebuild this ear and recall the hearing. Even so many months of hospitalization caused muscle atrophy, so he had to Getting to know the walking.

Exercises to improve the vision that his wife transferred from the Internet. He did not see anything from seeing shadows. Today he sees with 20% of the eye: "You're a little lazy, but I think I was totally blind for 9 months. Now I see through the lock, but I see. "

In 2015 Guido finished his first book. It's called "Open your eyes" and presented it to 200 people. From here, a new way opened, because they started calling to talk about motivation, even abroad.

He never returned to the work he had and, recently, an audiovisual production company. At least for now, there is no big cash flow, known names, or color lights. This is the answer to all this dissatisfaction, the answer to that "I wanted to grow and I did not know how."


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