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He tried to show a penal style in Panenka and mocked him with a wonderful replica of the goalkeeper

V punishment which define the tie. t first phase South American Cup med Sports club Capital from Colombia e Independent FBC one Paraguayan player has performed one of the players Worst recordings in history and they mocked him wonderful goalkeeper reaction opposite.

Po 0-0 who got it Independent Guaraní at the stadium Campín de Bogota, the same as the first part, he had to determine the sequence of penalties in order to see who advanced to the second phase. The series started with the left leg for the Paraguayan team with a unlocked shot José Báez, then a competitor Diego Morel managed to cover the third auction of Armand Vargas coffee.

Responsibility for equalizing the actions was on the feet of Venezuelan Bendrix Parrawho attempted to cheat the goalkeeper "Stung" the ball with a lot of subtlety. The game was inadequate, as the team only scored Diego Novoa make a luxurious cover and Stop the auction with your chest with a great hierarchy.

The Venezuelan striker could not hide his anger after the failure. He ran to the ball and hit it severely down to the bottom of the net to scatter his rage, although the error has already been completed. Bendrix Parra I knew I missed a big shot and that his team would gladly have dreamed that he would continue his adventure on the continental tournament.

As far as worse, the Colombian team has reached the ranking and with the goal that was replaced by Novoa himself. In this way La Equidad beat the Independiente de Campo Grande in a penalty shoot-out of 4-3 and qualifies for the next stage of the continental competition.

Bogotova's training he led Humberto Sierra At this stage, I had a lot of pressure because Paraguay team plays in the second division and without goals, they were equated in the first leg. Thanks to the mistake of one of his opponents and the genius of his goalkeeper, they are still in the race.

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