he raped his 11-year-old niece before his mother


The minor gave details of the inadequate facts. The father claims to know where the girl is, since she was last seen with her mother.

One complaint shook the city of Temperley. A man threatened to say that his daughter lived for three years, until today when she was 11 years old. What she described in detail was that she was raped by her uncle's uncle and one thing that shook her, this one Mom The girls would be witness to this unpleasant fact, Chronicle says.

The complainant now demands that he know where his daughter is since she is Mom He took it and hid it. This happened after the court determined that the child should remain with his father's family. The matter is under the jurisdiction of court no. 5 families of Lomas de Zamora by Damian Lulo.

"In December, the violation was confirmed, the defendant is still free, I do not know anything about my daughter," said the man. He also spoke about the girl's statement: "Uncle took off, sat on a chair, opened my legs and told me, to touch it and take it. He ordered me to undress and instructed me to dress four like dogs. I took a picture of the picture, "said the youngest who triggered alarms.

And the child's father added: "My girlfriend said that her mother visited one of her uncle when she was crying and did not do anything. His mother is a liar. He went to the media to ask for justice and again had a girlfriend with him.

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