He lost a $ 30,000 bag at the Mar del Plata airport and managed to get it back


A bag of more than $ 30,000 was found at the Astor Piazzolla airport in Mar del Plata.. A few hours later, the money was returned to the owners who were accused of losing.

The finding was made while the security police at the airport conducted the patrol airport terminal, located north of the spa town of Buenos Aires.

The Security Forces reported that sub-inspector Gustavo Omar Fernandez and senior officer Nicolás Ardita checked the place where they found a purse that was sealed on the ground.

Both agents lifted the package and put it in the PSA unit in the presence of two witnesses to open it.

Inside, three bundles of money worth $ 31,321 were found and a ticket for a bank operation on behalf of the alleged owner of the amount.

This person appeared a little later. He said that he had made a recovery in the bank for the same amount he had found, and that he was at his airport with his mother that he accepted a friend.

As he explained, his mother "kept the money in a small purse and was the one who noticed the lack."

After forwarding the findings to the office of the state prosecutor who was on duty, and after verifying that all the information from the material found coincided with the data of the person who reported the loss, the employees of the preventive security unit returned the money.


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