Hantavirus: what is it, how it is spreading and how to prevent it


Confirmation of three new deaths in Chubut Province yesterday due to hantavirus 9 number of fatalities Because of this disease, local authorities have decided on the mandatory isolation of suspected cases in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

The last part of the Ministry of Health of this province reports this confirmed cases of hantavirus have already been 24.

In order to avoid the presence of cases on its territory, the Ministry of Health of Ria Negro has expanded a number of cases recommendations and measures to prevent the spread of infection.

"Given the occurrence of cases of chantavirus in the city of Epuyén, Chubut Province, it should be noted that the chantavirus is a serious acute viral disease caused by the hunt virus," said Public Health Secretary Alfredo Muruaga.

Colilargo muscle is a major reservoir and a rodent transmitter that secretes the virus with saliva, faeces and urine. Human infection is by inhalation of the virus, by direct contact with rodents and their excrement, and the variant circulating in Patagonia can be transmitted from person to person.

In this regard, he recommended "to take preventive measures: to prevent life with rodents, at home, to be clean and tidy, where you live, you must not leave rubbish and food available to rodents, ensure the proper closing of the door of the window, sealing the cracks and cracks, cleaning and knitting the surroundings of houses, houses, greenhouses, composting and coral ".

In the case of land cleansing, he pointed out the importance of "using respiratory protection (masks or mask) and eyepieces when needed".

"In the case of carrying out recreational tasks, it is necessary to take into account: camping only at approved places and knitting and using hermetically sealed tents", Muruag warned, who also recommended "riding on purified paths, clean as much as possible during the day and with a closed footwear, in the case of picking wood, do it only in open places and as much as possible throughout the day."

In addition, he advised:Before you consume water from natural sources, add a drop of bleach per liter of waterAvoid entering the abandoned building when you enter places that have remained closed for a long time, use breathing and eye protection; opening doors and windows, which feeds the air for 60 minutes; spray with plenty of water and 10% bleach (1 part bleach in 9 parts of water) and leave for 30 minutes, then clean and order.

If we find dead rodents, the official recommends that they "sprinkle with water and 10% bleach, wait for 30 minutes, use rubber gloves or bags similar to gloves to manipulate them, put them in double bags and throw them into deep boreholes or safely we write down to avoid a fire. "

For all flu-like symptoms (fever, muscle pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches and abdominal pain), a doctor is advised to consult.


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