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Hantavirus: the people and Chubut want to stop the outbreak

In this way, the national health authorities together with biosecurity experts of the National Laboratory and Health Institutes (Anlis), Dr. Carlos Malbrán and provincial experts, carry out preventive and assisting tasks in Epuyéne, northwest of the city of Andean Patagonia, one of the areas the most terrible of them, together with other sectors of the Shire district.

In a team located in the area, experts from Anlis, who at the Zonal Esquel Hospital conducted a study on the infection with hantavirus on health staff, was exposed to the first cases of a mysterious outbreak that occurred before December 13th.

They also trained for the development of rapid screening tests – a strategy used to detect disease in individuals without symptoms of such a disease – and have contributed their hand to the processing of samples of people diagnosed with the diagnosis as well as rodents trapped in the area. .


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In addition, health professionals conducted training for teams of guards, nursing and intensive units on the use of personal protective equipment in Bariloche, Esquel and Epuyén.

Therefore, Anlis began studies on the sequence of the "viral genome" and "the complete human genome" in order to determine whether there are mutations that increase the transmission potential and increase its deadly character.

Therefore, due to epidemiological case studies and information obtained, the experts maintain the hypothesis that the current outbreak of the existing hantavirus is transmitted from person to person, although the "final results" of the analysis of the Operational Department Biological Retention Center of the subject, according to Télam Press Agency.

Miriam Burgos, Undersecretary for the Prevention and Control of Infectious and Immuno-Preventive Diseases, explained: "The dedicated work of doctors, infectious diseases, epidemiologists, laboratory technicians, zoonotic experts and local health agents who often visit isolated contacts."

The residents of the city of Epuyén demanded from the provincial government that patients hospitalized due to a terrible illness should be transferred to a cardiopulmonary ring road that reduces mortality by 25%, members of the Committee for Action and Prevention say. against Hantavirus.

On the other hand, the Minister of Health of the Argentinian province of Chubut, Adrián Pizzi, asked the justice to set up legal actions in a complaint filed with the municipal prosecutor of the municipality to ensure the proper isolation of those affected by the outbreak. Esquela.

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