Gustavo Alfaro gave details of the transitional market: Marcone, Palomino and a player who is "practically" closed


Gustavo Alfaro has already begun his process as a trainer Mouth and one of the main problems it is facing at this moment is focusing on the market of transitions, the various departures that may arise, and the various jobs that are in progress.

Without any secrets, the technician gave details of each name on the negotiating table at the press conference: Ivan Marcone, José Luis Palomino, Jorman CampuzanoAngel González, Nahitan Nández and Agustín Rossiamong others.

"If it's for me, I do not want to leave. I told the players. I think there are very good things about this campus and I would not want to lose them, but there are things that do not depend on me. Sometimes we talk and set boundaries, "he admitted.


Iván Marcone: "This is a special and special case, because in Mexico there is no exit clause, and after a fantastic year in Cruz Azul, it was necessary to raise concern for this challenge that was presented to him, and he was given the opportunity to start the negotiations. to the club and the player is not in the middle.

• Jorman Campuzano: "Practically … I spoke with the player and it is practically solved, lack of time is not due to Boca's questions, but because of the internal issues to be solved by Atlético Nacional, he is a technical player who has more profile in the game than the renewal of the ball."

• José Luis Palomino: "There is a will of the player who wants to come, Boca's intention to bring her into negotiations, there is some resistance of the club to let him go and we are in a dead-end street, but this is not the only name with which we work in the eye. Defensively Set your time, if we see that this is not progressing, we will go to another option that we have started.

• Ángel González: "He is on a possible list of players, but they gave us a price that we thought was important, we are players in the area, we work with Nico (Burdisso), Aníbal (Matellán) and the president in two realities: players who come , the Boca T-shirt and the game are placed, and before the player's departure, Angel's thing is focused on the future of Boca.

• Marcos Díaz: "If Agustín leaves, Marco can come in. But I know that there is a proposal from Europe and sometimes times are not compatible, it is necessary to talk with the players to deal with these problems in the time that they can, so that they do not lose another opportunity , if we can not solve them, this is a good competitor, exceptional, regardless of whether I can get to Boko. I asked for a national team at one point. And if he comes, he comes to the competition when everyone comes in. Andrada) showed that is the goalkeeper Bottle.

• Agustín Rossi: "He is 23 years old and needs competition, but he has a year and a half of the contract, and if Boca had loaned him, he would have been complicated at the end of his contract." Bottle intends if Agustín is competing, not losing it because they feel that he is a competitor with a great future and I completely agree. Boca is not easy to get a competitor, but Boca has two: Andrado and Rossi. The idea that the bottle will not lose any of them. The bottle does not lose it, it needs an extension of the contract, orders from different clubs. "

• Nahitan Nández"I talked to him, there is a proposal that is very good and he told me that if he did, discounts. If he is not, he is happy to stay in Boka, you see him to train and work in an exceptional way."


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