graffiti, icons and a new epic aspect for some games


Blizzard continues to spread Overwatch knowledge with the same frequency as it adds to the contents of the shooter. However, getting the latest series will not depend on your happiness, but from skills in the game. And you will not need too much to get the whole batch.

In the same line of Nano Cola, D.Va, challenge to Bastet consists of rewarding players who win games in Quick Match, Competitive Match and Arcade. Not necessarily successive victories and we will only need nine to unlock everything.

Of course, it's the main prize new look of Bastet: inspired by a homonymous short story that deepens into the past of Anna, Soldier 76 and Reaper, the sniper can be equipped with a mask and a costume legendary protector which in our case is also armed with a sniper rifle.

Awards? five graffiti, player icon, winning position and epic appearance by Ana Bastet. Of course, this event is available for a limited time, so we need to win nine victories before January 22.


And as a preview, here is the official trailer of Bastet's challenge.

Additional bonus: five graffiti of Bastet's challenge in Twitch

In addition to offering exclusive content for playback, we can unblock graphite live from Twitch Overwatch on this interim event. These graffiti are based on images accompanying a short story, including a special photo for a soldier 76.

Getting them is as simple as connecting us with the releases of the participants Overwatch before January 22. On the official website, you can view the transfer rate, and By viewing 6 hours of the game, you will unlock everything.


Want progress on graffiti? Here you have:

After the Christmas event, Bastet's challenge will be overcome by the next event Overwatch, which is expected to cover a new lunar year. And given that this year marks the year of the pig, There is a great chance that Roadhog will appear. We'll find out soon.


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